Princess Party Game Ideas

Here at Pamper Queens Pamper Parties we do love the Princess Parties for 5-11 year olds, they are so Princess Pamper Parties - Princess Party Game Ideasmuch fun!!!  The girls love to get their nails painted, hair done & the glitter make overs.  But what about entertainment?  Here are some princess party game ideas, whether you are partying with us or not!

You may not know but as well as the treatments, we run a design competition during the party as well!  We provide a blank face, no hair.  Then we have many stencils, jewels, stickers and coloured pencils and the girls get creative!!!  We have had so many fantastic designs its hard for us to pick a winner at the end!!  Glasses, jewellery, multi coloured hair, fingerless gloves and hair clips are just some of the things that we have seen lately!  It adds to the girlyness of the party!

We are also looking into crown and tiara designing for the younger girls and hoping to introduce jewellery making into the parties soon as an added extra!

So whether you are using Pamper Queens for your party or you are helping your little princess yourself then the ideas are out there!!!

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